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What's going on in my dev community?

Powered by AI

Siftree finds hidden discoveries across your entire community, facilitating informed decision-making through a real-time, algorithmic feed of insights.

Community Intelligence

What are the main topics?

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V1- Community Intelligence

Siftree's Free Trial integrates with Discord, Instagram, and Reddit and then uses artificial intelligence to find questions, classify sentiment, high-priority comments, and trending topics. AI meets Social Media Analytics.

Siftree currently integrates with Reddit, Discord, and Instagram
That's it! Organize your inbox, read trending topics, and get to work
After integrating, let Siftree go to work to find relevant topics and inisghts

Live Demos

How It Works - Apple

Example Feed

Additional Capabilities

Trending Topics

Siftree uses AI to classify all of the conversations into "topics". This allows you to easily understand the topics that are driving engagement across your social media accounts.

AI-Powered Inbox

A shared inbox, organized any way you want. With Siftree, you can filter and organized your communications by sentiment, keywords, phrases, and even "questions". Never miss another important message or comment again.

Key Insights

A simple but robust homebase. See the main topics, prioritized comments, sentiment, outstanding questions, and receive a paragraph summary providing a comprehensive analysis.

Siftree Reports

How Siftree makes sense of a chaotic, disconnected world

Synthesized Contextualized Intelligence

Siftree's proprietary engine introduces a new form of intelligence, called Synthesized Contextual Intelligence (SCI), which applies a cerebral layer of deduction on top of your entire organization's data.

SCI fundamentally changes how we approach concepts such as social listening, data analysis, and data democratization, by delivering the insight directly to the data consumer.

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Insights, Democratized

Find hidden insights across your customer-base or audience in real-time

Eliminate DataSilos with D2C insights

Focus on making decisions - not analyzing data

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How V2 Works

(Coming Soon)

  1. State your role, objectives, and what you're interested in finding. That's it

We Go Beyond "Chatting" With Data

Siftree works around the clock, 24/7, looking for insights that are relevant to you, based on your objectives. Siftree goes beyond chat, analyzing billions of data points without needing to be prompted to do so.

By ingesting traditionally unrelated data, kept in DataSilos, Siftree is able to find patterns and connections in the data that a human being wouldn't be able to find.

Siftree is the brain that powers your entire organization

“Just tell me what I need to know” 
wasn't a reality for most decision-makers...until now

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Sift through the noise and streamline your decision making

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