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Summarize Your Discord Server With Siftree


Discord has been become one of the fastest growing community and social platforms, and according to Business of Apps has over 175 million active monthly users and 450 million registered accounts.

Discord was originally used by gaming communities but has evolved to serve the needs of friend groups, influencers, and even emerging tech companies like The Open Interpreter. Activity is flourishing and communities are more vibrant than ever, but it's come with a cost. As activity levels are skyrocketing, it's extremely difficult to quickly get caught up to speed with what people have said while you were away. In some cases, you can log in to see 500 missed notifications, with no guidance on where you should start first to catch up.

Sometimes, it feels like reading through Discord notifications is equivalent to drinking from a fire hose; it's overwhelming.

Summarize Your Server With AI

Siftree uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify key components of conversations and provide a holistic summary with drill-down capabilities. It's essentially a TLDR (too long, didn't read) bot on steroids, going beyond a basic summary, analyzing much more than any traditional bot will ever do.

By using advanced Natural Language Processing, Siftree is able to:

  • Identify topics of conversation

  • Analyze Sentiment

  • Synthesize common questions people have

  • Spot anomalies / spikes in sentiment

  • Monitor peak activity and traffic

It then provides a summary of all of this information, similar to what's shown below, in the r/apple subreddit example.

Siftree AI Summary

The best part is, you're in total control of how you want to view the summary with dynamic date ranges.

Dynamic Date Ranges

With the "Daily" view, you're able to tab through individual days to see what the community was talking about each day. And with the "Weekly" and "Monthly" views, you're able to see what was happening on aggregate, across 7 and 30-day spans.

This flexibility in date ranges optimizes the experience to allow anyone to catch up on what they missed, no matter what days they need.

Analyze Each Channel

Certain channels have different themes and different activity levels. Below is a screenshot from the Medusa community, where they've set up specific areas to ask questions, report issues, or for general conversation.

Medusa Discord Server

Siftree knows this, so we treat the server the way it was originally designed, providing summaries for the entire server, and summaries for each channel as well. This allows you to drill down or bubble up, depending on your analysis needs.

Better yet, if you have 2 servers, you're able to go a level higher and view a summary by "All". This means, that if you have multiple, such as 10 servers you need to watch, you're able to receive a summary analyzing:

  • All of them at once

  • Each server individually

  • Each channel within each server individually

This approach provides the ultimate control and visibility over all of your communities.

Summarize Your Discord Server Today For Free

Ready to summarize your discord server? Head on over to Siftree to start analyzing your server for free!

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