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Mastering Community Management: The Pros and Cons of Using Buffer


Community managers play a pivotal role in shaping the voice and engagement of brands on social media. In this digital era, leveraging the right tools is crucial for effective community management. Buffer, a renowned social media management platform, offers various features that cater to the needs of community managers. We explored the pros and cons of using Buffer for community management, providing insights for those at the helm of online communities.

Pros of Using Buffer for Community Management

Simplified Post Scheduling

  • Buffer's intuitive interface allows for effortless scheduling of posts across multiple social media platforms. This is particularly useful for community managers who need to maintain a consistent online presence. The ability to plan and automate content release helps in staying active and engaged with the community without the need for constant manual input.

User-Friendly Interface

  • The platform is renowned for its ease of use. Its clean and straightforward layout makes navigation and operation accessible even for those with minimal technical expertise. This ease of use is a significant advantage for community managers who juggle various tasks and require a hassle-free tool to manage their social media channels.

Effective Analytics Tools

  • While not as advanced as some specialized platforms, Buffer provides essential analytics that offer insights into post performances and audience engagement. These analytics help community managers to tailor their strategies and content according to what resonates best with their audience.

Cons of Using Buffer for Community Management

Limited Advanced Features

  • For community managers looking for in-depth analytics or more sophisticated engagement tools, Buffer’s features may seem somewhat basic. The platform is excellent for scheduling and basic analysis, but it may fall short for those who require detailed reporting or advanced engagement features.

Integration Challenges

  • Some users have reported difficulties with integrating Buffer seamlessly with certain social media platforms. These integration challenges can affect the efficiency of managing multiple accounts, a crucial aspect of community management.

Limited Functionality in Engage Feature:

  • The most notable drawback of Buffer's Engage feature is its limited functionality in managing complex community interactions. Compared to some competitors, Buffer's Engage might not offer the depth in conversation tracking, lack advanced sorting or filtering options for messages, or miss comprehensive tools for managing large-scale community interactions. This can make it less suitable for community managers dealing with high volumes of engagement or those who require granular control over interactions.


While Buffer offers user-friendly and efficient scheduling and basic analytics, its limitations in advanced features, integration issues, and notably, the restricted capabilities of the Engage feature, are important to consider. For community managers in smaller organizations, Buffer provides a solid foundation for social media interaction management. However, those in larger organizations or requiring more sophisticated interaction management might need to explore additional tools or Buffer's premium plans for more extensive features.

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