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Elevate your business through comment management

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

In the digital age an online presence is crucial for the success of any business. As technology has evolved, so have consumer expectations. In this article, I'll break down key consumer insights and trends for businesses to implement in their social media strategies.

The importance of using social media as a medium for customer service

The article titled "The 5 Social Media Customer Service Stats You Must Know" from Convince and Convert reveals critical findings regarding customer service in the realm of social media. These findings, obtained through extensive research conducted in partnership with Edison, illuminate the importance of customer expectations and their impact on a brand's operations, staffing, software, and customer retention strategies.

Here are the five key findings:

  1. Approximately one-third of all customer complaints, especially those on social media, are left unanswered.

  2. 2. Responding to a customer's complaint can boost customer advocacy by up to 25%.

  3. 3. On the other hand, ignoring a complaint can lead to a decrease in customer advocacy by as much as 50%.

  4. 4. About 40% of customers who lodge complaints on social media platforms expect a response within an hour.

  5. 5. Almost two-thirds (63%) of consumers express satisfaction with the response times they encounter on social media.

Consumer/Brand relationship expectations

Edelman's Trust Barometer aims to investigate the relationship between consumers, brands, and governments to establish an understand of where the public's trust in institutions resides. Their 2018 report shows important findings for businesses that can help shift their mindset to cater to their customer's needs.

Research results:

When asked, "What are among the best and most effective ways for brands to be using social media to reach them?":

  1. 60% said customer service

  2. 45% said give people the opportunity to interact with their brand directly

When asked, "Which do you believe is giving you the truth?":

  1. 59% believe what a brand says in direct communications with you over email, instant messaging or in response to a comment you have posted

When asked to agree with the following statement, "I am unlikely to become emotionally attached to a brand unless we are interacting and communicating via social media":

  1. 39% agreed

  • 47% for age range 18-34

  • 41% for age range 35-54


In the digital era, maintaining an online presence is pivotal for businesses. These studies highlight the importance for direct, personalized interactions on social media and shows how they foster trust and emotional connection with the brand, particularly among younger demographics. At Siftree , we make it easier for businesses to use social media to respond promptly to complaints and engage directly with consumers, enhancing customer satisfaction and advocacy.

We are able to do this by using NLP and sentiment analysis, finding which comments are the most important for your business. For more information on how we do this, check out our post here.

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