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Data impacts everyone, no matter where it's from

For most organizations, information is routed based on what's seen as "relevant" to a team, which on paper is a very logical thing to do.

For example, social listening and social media data mostly lives within software the marketing team uses, industry trends get routed to strategy, product complaints are heard by sales/cx teams and bubble up to product, etc...

But is the marketing team the only team that could benefit from knowing what's happening on social media?

Is the strategy team the only team that could benefit from understanding trends in the industry?

Should product teams have to wait for a game of telephone to understand what customers think about their products?

At Siftree, our philosophy is that information should be routed based on if it can be leveraged by individuals to make the business grow, not based on what "traditionally makes sense".

We've listed out a few ways for your organization to think differently about how to approach "non-traditional" sources of information:

Looking to download? Go ahead:

Data impacts everyone, regardless of where it comes from
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