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Breaking Down The 2023 Sprout Social Index


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In their ninth annual Sprout Social Index™ report, Sprout Social surveyed over 1,000 US consumers and 500 US social marketers to understand how transformations in social media are affecting brands and consumers.

This year’s report breaks down:

  • Shifts in consumer expectations around social content and platform usage.

  • New challenges social faces as it evolves into a strategic business function.

  • How marketers’ big bets on the future align with consumer desires.

2023 Sprout Social Index: Key Takeaways

Importance of Responding

To start off, a quote we love.

"The most memorable thing a brand can do across all age groups is respond to customers, proving that responsiveness leaves an impression on everyone.
These one-on-one connections are even more important to younger consumers, who prioritize engagement over publishing volume and on-trend content."

Consumers are expecting a response from brands. When they ask questions, when they ask where their order is, when they complain, when they show support, etc. Consumers see brands as their peer, not a faceless company.

When asked who the most memorable brands are...

  • 51% responded those who respond to customers.

  • 37% responded those who prioritize engaging directly with their audience vs publishing content.

The Marriage of Social and Customer Support


of consumers notice and appreciate when companies prioritize customer support.


of consumer value how quickly a brand can respond to their needs.


of consumers expect a company to provide personalized responses to customer service needs.

Response Time is KEY

How quickly consumers expect a response from brands on social media:

  • 16% within minutes

  • 23% within 1-2 hours

  • 30% same day

How many comments are they looking through each day?

Of those surveyed, this was their breakdown:

Social Media Engagement Metrics

2024 and AI

In 2024 marketers plan on using AI to analyze social media data, social media measurement, sentiment analysis.

How Siftree Meets These Expectations

Siftree provides a world-class solution to community managers, social media managers, and marketing teams that are focused on delivering quality customer support, community engagement, and brand image.

With our advanced AI capabilities, we're able to sift through the noise and show our customers exactly where their questions, complaints, and supporters are.

By focusing on streamlining daily activities and automating repetitive tasks, Siftree is positioned to deliver value to both our customers and their customers (the consumers).


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