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Brandwatch Vs Siftree. The Results Speak For Themselves

When I (Kyle), tell people Siftree does topic modeling, they assume I'm talking about what Brandwatch offers, but Siftree offers so much more than keywords disguised as topics.

What Brandwatch Thinks Is "AI"

Below is what a leading social media intelligence company offers as "topics". This is the standard most of us have gotten used to, but these topics don't tell me anything about the topics themselves. They market this as advanced AI on their YouTube channel (you can watch it here).

What are people actually saying about lunch, handwriting, or cooking? What's happening within these conversations? If each topic has over 20k results, how am I supposed to find the conversations that matter to me?

Siftree, Actually Smart AI

Below is an example of what makes Siftree different than everyone else. We actually tell you what each topic is about, and don't force you to read thousands of comments/posts yourself.

Siftree's Topics
What Siftree Thinks Is Good

Where a traditional intelligence platform would give you keywords and call them topics, Siftree describes the actual conversations occurring as they unfold. This is a significant difference in our approach and saves our customers hours of time while increasing their understanding of what's actually happening.

Our advanced topic modeling algorithm combined with neural search means anyone can find any conversation, not keyword, they need.

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