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Beta Access Partnership for Crypto Addict DAO (CAD)

What is Crypto Addict DAO?

Siftree is excited to announce Beta access to the Crypto Addict DAO (CAD). CAD a management agency specializing in managing web3 communities. Their areas of expertise include

  • Moderation

  • Community Managers

  • Chat engagers

You can follow CAD on here

What is this partnership?

CAD is receiving exclusive beta access after a realized symbiotic relationship. CAD is a growing agency, with communities living across various platforms. At Siftree, we're looking for a committed group of users to test and provide feedback on our beta.

This partnership will be mutually beneficial, as it will help save time for the CAD community managers in their daily tasks and help us at Siftree develop a quality product before our public launch.

Full access

CAD will be receiving full access to our platform, in order to have the ultimate experience from the start. This includes:

  • Shared inbox

  • Topics

  • Analytics

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