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2024 | Ultimate Guide To Community Led Growth

Emerging tech companies are following this growth strategy to achieve hockey stick, J-curve growth.

Community-led growth.

Community-led growth (CLG) is a go-to-market strategy that focuses on fostering and leveraging a strong community around a product or service to drive growth, engagement, and customer loyalty. With this strategy, you prioritize building and nurturing a highly engaged community of users who are passionate about the product and actively contribute to its development, promotion, and support.

You essentially build a network of passionate growth team members that do the selling and QA for you. They're driving PLG on your behalf.

Here's a FREE GUIDE I put together explaining the benefits and core principles of community-led growth, demonstrating how your company can adopt these strategies to build a community around your product or service.

Siftree will be following this approach - stay tuned for how you can participate in our community and contribute to the growth of our product!

Download it here!

Community led growth
Download PDF • 5.11MB

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