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HR & People Analytics

The voice of your employees, delivered in real-time
HR & People Analytics

Elevate Your Workforce with Data-Driven Decisions

HR professionals are tasked with interpreting data from employee surveys, performance metrics, and recruitment processes. However, the challenge lies in transforming this data into meaningful actions that enhance employee satisfaction and retention.

Human Resources teams are inundated with data from every facet of the employee lifecycle. From hiring to onboarding, performance reviews to exit interviews, there is a critical need to sift through this data to extract relevant insights that can inform HR strategies and initiatives.
HR & People Analytics

Employee Insights Delivered to You

Key Benefits for HR Teams
Enhanced Recruiting
Enhanced Recruiting
Pinpoint top candidates quickly and reduce time-to-hire.
Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement
Identify nuanced consumer segments.

Without Siftree

Siftree transcends traditional data analysis, offering HR teams a predictive and precise approach to managing their most valuable asset—their people. Without this foresight, HR departments may miss:
Proactive Retention
Proactive Retention
Preemptively address factors contributing to turnover.
Talent Management
Talent Management
identify high-potential employees and align talent development.
  • The ability to strategically align HR initiatives with business outcomes


  • The chance to create personalized employee development plans


  • The opportunity to proactively address workplace culture issues

  • The potential to streamline HR processes and increase operational efficiency

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Sift through the noise and streamline your decision making

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