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What is Topic Modeling?

Topic modeling is a type of text analysis that identifies patterns and structures within unstructured data, like social media posts, reviews, or customer feedback. It helps uncover the main topics and themes discussed by your audience, providing valuable insights for your business.

How is this different from Brandwatch or other social media tools?

Our technology uses advanced algorithms and proprietary methods to dive deeper into the nuances of conversations. Unlike Brandwatch who builds queries based on keywords, we use machine learning to identify highly specific topics and sentiments for your exact needs, delivering more accurate and actionable insights.

Can I use ChatGPT to do this instead?

While ChatGPT and GPT-4 APIs are powerful tools for generating text and understanding natural language, they are not specifically designed for the kind of advanced topic modeling and deep text analysis that our platform provides. Not only that, it won't provide the necessary API access, data cleaning steps, topological data analysis, data security, and compute power needed, beyond the limited context window allowed.

What types of data do you support?

Our API is source agnostic, meaning it can analyze anything from social media posts, customer reviews, surveys, forums, and more. If it's text-based, we can analyze it. Our application is slowly building out new integrations, but we currently support Reddit, Instagram, and Discord.

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Case Study | Siftree API

We worked with one of the largest Twitch streamers and one of the most popular artists in the world to identify what their audiences were saying. Take a look!

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