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Your customers expect and deserve a response


E-commerce Industry


Where's my order? Does it run small?

Your customers have more problems, questions, ideas, and things to say and use your social media as their way to get in touch. 

This used to be a problem. But not anymore.

Not only will Siftree find these for you, Siftree allows for custom organization based on any word or topic. Don't be limited to what your social media management platform offers; create your own experience.

Shared inbox

Siftree consolidates all of your conversations to a single location. No more signing into multiple apps - Siftree has it all here.


We summarize your conversations into main topics. See what your community is talking about within seconds.


Get a temperature check on your community by exploring the positive, neutral, and negative conversations.

Designed For:

Social Media Manager

Social Media Managers

Community Manager

Community Managers

Content Creator

Content Creators

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