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What happened in my server today?

Powered by AI

Siftree summarizes your entire Discord Server and creates daily, weekly, and monthly recaps to ensure you're always


Discord Summarizer

What are the main topics?

Community Intelligence

Manage your Discord, Instagram, and Reddit communities from a centralized location by using artificial intelligence to summarize millions of comments and messages.

Siftree currently integrates with Reddit, Discord, and Instagram
That's it! Organize your inbox, read trending topics, and get to work
After integrating, let Siftree go to work to find relevant topics and inisghts


How It Works - Apple

The "Feed"

Additional Capabilities

Topic Modeling

Siftree uses AI to unravel nested conversations and classify all them into "topics". This technique identifies topic clusters for psychographic segmentation, optimizing sponsorship deals, collaborations, and content strategies.

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AI-Powered Inbox

A shared inbox, organized any way you want. With Siftree, you can filter and track sentiment, keywords, phrases, and questions. Never miss another important message or comment again.

Most Active Members

See who's driving engagement and when.

Prioritized Conversations

Siftree uses machine learning algorithms to surface highly relevant or important conversations to ensure you're always in the loop.

Anomaly Detection

Get alerts whenever there's a spike in negative sentiment, new topics, or a rise in questions.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand how your community feels and learn which content resonates best with your audience.

Engagement Metrics

See when your community is most active daily, weekly, and monthly so you know when to post.


Your community is global, we make sure every conversation is accounted for.

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State-Of-The-Art Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Neural Search

semantic (1).png
  • Leverages deep learning and neural networks to understand the query and content at a more advanced level

  • Can handle more complex and ambiguous queries by understanding the semantic meaning and context

  • Enables more personalized and relevant search results based on user behavior and preferences

Example: Searching for "best Apple smartphone for photography" may return results comparing the camera features of different iPhone models, user reviews, and professional opinions

Neural Search Demo

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Open Interpreter is on a mission to create the next-generation of open source, artificially intelligent devices. 


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Sift through the noise and streamline your decision making

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