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CX Analytics

Elevate Your Customer Experience with data
CX Analytics

Transform Customer Interactions into Lasting Satisfaction

The customer experience is the heartbeat of your business. In a world where every customer can be your biggest advocate or most challenging critic, understanding and enhancing their journey is pivotal. Yet, with countless touchpoints generating vast volumes of feedback, CX teams are often swamped with data and starved for insights.

CX professionals face the Herculean task of parsing through endless streams of customer data—from support tickets to social media chatter, surveys to service interactions. Finding actionable insights in this data deluge is like searching for treasure at the ocean's floor.
CX Analytics

The Transformative Analytics Tool for CX Has Arrived

Key Benefits for CX Teams
Real-Time Insights
Real-Time Insights
AI that works 24/7 looking for ways to reduce churn and boost satisfaction
Sentiment Analysis
Sentiment Analysis
Quickly understand how your customers feel.

Without Siftree

Siftree is more than a tool—it's the compass for navigating the complex seas of customer experience. Without it, your teams may struggle with: 
Topics make it easier know what your customers care about.
Prioritized Inbox
Prioritized Inbox
Stay on top of crucial conversations.
  • The ability to deeply understand and act on customer sentiment


  • ​The chance to personalize experiences at scale, recognizing individual customer needs


  • The opportunity to proactively address issues before they escalate into larger problems

  • The potential to consistently refine and enhance the customer journey based on evolving preferences

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Sift through the noise and streamline your decision making

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