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Full control of your community

Community Managers

Community manager

Organize | Control

Your community in one place

No more scrolling, no more surges of notifications, no more late nights.

By bringing all of your conversations to a single place, Siftree acts as a shared inbox for your entire community. Our custom swimlanes and ranking algorithm provides unprecedented levels of control, allowing you to organize your community however you want. Miss a day or two? No problem. Siftree uses advanced natural language processing to summarize all of your comments and show you the main topics that are driving your community.

Shared inbox

Siftree consolidates all of your conversations to a single location. No more signing into multiple apps - Siftree has it all here.


We summarize your conversations into main topics. See what your community is talking about within seconds.


Get a temperature check on your community by exploring the positive, neutral, and negative conversations.


How we make life easier

interaction in class

Find Questions

Siftree uses AI to instantly find the questions you haven't answered.

Image by Andre Hunter

Find Complaints

Siftree uses AI to classify comments based on their sentiment, this allows you to find complaints.

Industries That Love Us

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