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AI for
Customer Service

See it all in seconds. Siftree 'sifts through the noise' to find the key conversations, topics, and insights across all platforms.

The problem

Customers expect support ASAP

Conversations are siloed across multiple platforms and generic engagement metrics don't provide actionable insights. Finding and supporting the right customers at the right time is difficult and problems can get lost in the noise.

What we do

Shared inbox + AI

Siftree brings all of your conversations to a single place, enabling you to support your customers from one app. Leveraging AI, Siftree 'sifts through the noise' to find the most relevant conversations, topics, and insights.

Database consolidating all social media accounts
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Shared inbox

Siftree consolidates all of your conversations to a single location. No more signing into multiple apps - Siftree has it all here.


Get a temperature check on your community by exploring the positive, neutral, and negative conversations.


Siftree summarizes your conversations into main topics. See what your community is talking about within seconds.

Designed For:

Person with laptop at home

Social Media Managers

Travel Apps

Community Managers

Influencer presenting clothes

Content Creators

Industries That Love Us

Online payment for shopping on e-commerce platforms


How We Make Life Easier

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Find Questions

Siftree uses AI to instantly find the questions you haven't answered.

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Find Complaints

Siftree uses AI to classify comments based on their sentiment, this allows you to find complaints.

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